In world of high fashion, mumble rap, and melodic sounds. Deep down in the soul of the hip hop world, lives a artist by the name of Mike Lawry Baby. A real diamond in the ruff. From his high end metaphors, to his creative song topics. Lawry has probably been the most slept on artist in the game. Known for bringing his real life experiences into his music, mike has made somewhat of name for himself. Winning multiple awards, such as lyricist of the year, movement of the year, and rap artist of the year, from prominent institutions in the hip hop community such as the SCM awards. With Slogans such as “Obey Your Dreams” and songs like What’s Love. Mike continues to show a level of dedication and inspiration that will catapult him into stardom. His story alone will motivate you to be greater. Being incarcerated at 17 as well as high school dropout. This kid from Chicago, Englewood I might add. Obtained his bachelor’s (Rust College), and masters degree (OleMiss), all while getting his felony exonerated. Coming across some of Lawry’s social media accounts, he consistently reminds us all to “Inspire Greater In Others”. I’ve noticed being O.Y.D (ObeyYourDreams) is not just about mike, but it’s about us all. All of us with dreams that dare to manifest them into reality. He surrounds him self with talent Like Dwayne Harrell, Keymah Renee, Yung Traxx and with motivators and top tier supporters like Brandon Jones and Anna Hale. It’s only a matter of time before the world is introduced to such an amazing talent. I think we should all push to be O.Y.D. So If you haven’t been following @mikelawrybaby your losing out.